4 Style Egg Shaper for Cooking
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4 Style Egg Shaper for Cooking



Excelity’s Egg Rings make of 304 stainless steel, they are feature no deformation, no discoloration and no rust. We provide 4 different shaper in one offer. The multipurpose eggs rings have perfect size. And can be used for making egg muffins, mini pancakes, fried eggs, poached eggs, breakfast sandwiches.

– Making eggs professional looking every time
– Make fried eggs quickly and easily
– Easy to clean – Simply rinse in soapy water
– Handle flips down for easy storage
– Get awesome eggs, pancakes, patties, English muffin

– Material of ring: SUS 304 stainless steel
– Diameter of ring: Approx. 3 inches
– Depth of ring:0.6 inch
– Material of grip: PP

Tips to Make a Perfect Fried Eggs:
– Step 1 Prepare a flat pan or griddle and egg rings
– Step 2 Brush the pan and egg rings with oil
– Step 3 Put the egg liquid into the mold
– Step 4 Remove gently the egg rings when the eggs are shaped at one side and then turn over the eggs with spatula if you wanna fry double sides of the eggs.

Package Included:
– 4 x Egg Rings


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