Banana Slicer Fruit Vegetable Cucumber Knife Sausage Slicer
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Banana Slicer Fruit Vegetable Cucumber Knife Sausage Slicer


  • 1. The slicer is used to quickly slice bananas to make fruit salad. The slices are even and efficient, and it has many advantages over other tools, Banana special cutter, even the largest banana, even the smallest banana can be cut with this cutter.
  • 2. 304 Blade banana slicer used stainless steel blade, The handle of the slicer adopts ergonomic curve design, comfortable to hold, convenient to use. Peeler cute shape, convenient and practical, can avoid fruit juice stained hands, peel into nail seam trouble.
  • 3. To make fruit salad, it is a powerful assistant. Cut out the banana slices, the size is uniform, the thickness is the same, and you can do more with less. Mix salad dressing with other fruits, it’s that simple, time and effort.
  • 4. Can cut delicious bananas into even slices, and then make fruit platter for everyone to share.
  • 5.Wide application to Orange, citrus, lemon, grapefruit, bananas, cucumbers, kiwi, Sausages, etc. Excellent for topping desserts, cereals and fruit salads.


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