Microfiber Cleaning Mop & Backet Set
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Microfiber Cleaning Mop & Backet Set


  • 360 Swivel Head Mop
  • Stainless Steel Handle
  • Self Wringing Mop Bucket Included
  • Wash and Dry Two-Chamber Mop Bucket
  • Two Washable Mop Pads Included
  • Large handle, drain plugs and padded grip for comfort and convenience


Spotless floors in less time. This powerful mopping system combines the amazing cleaning power of microfiber, with a two-chamber, wringer bucket to create the perfect tool for cleaning any hard floor. The complete set comes with two washable mopping pads that you can use over and over again, and the flat swivel head easily reaches under furniture, and into tight spaces. The sturdy steel handle has a squishy grip to make it more comfortable to handle, and the end has a loop for hanging during storage. Collapse the whole set to store inside the bucket when you finish, or hang the mop in a closet to keep it fully assembled at all times.

The wash and dry mop bucket allows you to save time and do a better job. Insert the mop pad on one side to rinse in warm, soapy water, then insert into the other chamber to squeegee off any excess water. Instead of mopping with a dirty pad, or rinsing it under the faucet in the middle of the job, you can keep the bucket close by to clean your pad as you go. You’ll be able to mop your floors with less effort, and the whole job will take less time, without any compromise in cleanliness. Stop struggling with cheap versions, spin mops or annoying wringers that require too much strength. This effortless mopping system will guarantee that your floors get clean, and the advanced design is ideal for use by anyone.


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