Silicone Finger Baby Toothbrush
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Silicone Finger Baby Toothbrush



Product Description

Baby Finger Toothbrush
we know the health of your child is so important. So we use only the softest silicone material in our infant toothbrush products to prevent damage to your child.
High quality food-grade silicone, BPA free, so you can ensure no compromise in our product safety.
Designed to fit all adult fingers, hence, both mum and dad can help baby to clean. No damage of the teeth and gums and easily gives baby a comfortable cleaning process.
And our finger toothbrushes are also popularly used with cats, dogs, and other pets!
Using Steps:
1.Clean before using the product , use steam or boil cook for 3-5 minutes disinfection.
2. Let the baby lie in mother’s arms.
3. Fixed baby’s head by hand.
4. A finger of your other hand slide into the toothbrush.
5. Wet a fingertip toothbrush with warm water.
6. Clean your baby’s teeth and gums with toothbrush.
7. It’s should be thoroughly cleaned at the end of use.
Warm Tips:
*1.It should be used under adult supervision.
*2.Please put it where your baby can’t touch.
*3.It is recommended to replace the finger toothbrush after 2-3 months.
*4.If the baby toothbrush occurred bite marks, or soft expansion, replaces it immediately.
*5.To protect the baby’s mouth, our design is 0.67” for inner diameter. If parents’ fingers are too big, please buy carefully
Package include:
3 x Finger Toothbrush With Case Set.


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