Super Vegetable Spiral Cutter
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Super Vegetable Spiral Cutter



Product Description

This set includes:
Super Juliette, set of 6 pieces (A18018)
1 x Main Part
1 x Crank
1 cutting insert with smooth blade
1 x Cutting Insert with Juliette blade
1 x Collecting Box (holds 900ml)
1 x Lid for keeping food fresh
Free you will receive:
Nicer Dicer Fusion Smart, 7 pieces set includes professional peeler (A34104)
Nicer Dicer Fusion Smart, set 6 paces.
1 x Cutting upper part
1 x Cutting base
1 x XXL blade insert for cubes/pens (20 x 20 mm)
1x Large Sifter Daisy Figurine
1 x Collecting Box (capacity: 1250 mL
1 x Lid for keeping food fresh
1 x Professional peeler
You can transform with the great Juliette fruits and vegetables into decorative spirals and fine Juliette’s – for fresh fruit salads, low crab pasta, pan dishes and vegetable dishes. Thanks to the extra sharp blades cut the ingredients smooth and effortlessly into the desired shape. Simply turn food plugs it in, and cut the Juliette’s or spirals. Whether you’re in, beetroot, potatoes, sweet potatoes, radish, zucchini or onions – you can make sure your food with the super Juliette a new, special shape. Even Smallest ingredients such as radish are with the great Juliette perfect cut. Healthy way to health to feed and take off doesn’t have to look boring.
The Nicer Dicer Fusion Smart is the perfect kitchen accessory for the everyday, healthy diet. The cutting equipment annoying of kitchen tasks such as a cooking preparation. The Nicer Dicer Fusion Smart is the innovative multi product for the modern kitchen. Cut out big dices and slices quickly and easily. It’s the cutting device stands out with its clever Size (Height x Width x Depth): Compact, handy and at your fingertips – perfect for every.


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