Washday Laundry Basket Foldable
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Washday Laundry Basket Foldable


  • Material: This storage basket is made of durable linen, thickening environmentally friendly EVA and polyester lining. Soft, breathable, waterproof inside, healthy material, no chemicals, safe for baby, children, wooden floors, etc. Laundry Bag Size (LxWxH) 43x33x53cm/ 17x13x21 in; Spacious capacity 75L. Ideal for organizing children’s toys, laundry, baby clothes, blankets, books and more.
  • Easy to clean and maintain; beautiful prints, sweet and generous appearance. Organize your living room, bedroom and kid’s room in any room that is cluttered. This laundry basket can hold children’s toys, books, dirty clothes, pet supplies, baby blankets, home textiles, etc.
  • Supplied with a drawstring to prevent dust and dirt from entering. Two handles are comfortable and robust. With the basket you can easily move around in your household items.
  • This storage container is light and durable for a long time; collapsible design is convenient for storage when not in use; Soft material without a crack design does no harm to children.
  • You can store toys, clothing, diapers, linen, books, blankets and cuddly toys in our spacious storage containers to create a tidy and tidy room. Perfect gift for boys, girls, babies, kids!


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