Four in a Row Game – Bingo game
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Four in a Row Game – Bingo game



4 in a Row is a classic board game, great for developing abilities to strategize and recognize patterns in children and adultsWhat?s included in four in a row:
Includes a double sided Play Grid and colored playing pieces(Red and green). Made for two players.
1.Easy to Set up ,Play and Storage. The convenient all in one design .The game board can easily slides open to a vertical position,tilt to drop the chess coins and fold back down for Easy Storage No lost pieces!

2.How to Play: Choose green or red discs. When you get 4 discs in a row(Can be straight, horizontal, oblique, vertical way,once 4 in row), you will win.

3.Fun and Educational: Practice strategy skills,Multi – dimensional patial thinking and overall thinking ability,Increase mind thinking and reaction speed.Enhance competition and interactive sense.Provides hours of family games for all ages.

4.Bigger Size and Easy Distinguish Black Color Design: 24*17.4*18.7cm,The suitable size make it easy to grab the coin and put it down fluently.It is very sturdy and easy to use for play indoor,outside,in car and on travel ,carry anywhere and have fun anytime.It is clear to distinguish the red ,green dices against the black board.

5.Safe and Ideal Puzzle Toy Gift:Made of safe environmental PVC plastic with quality beautiful packaging.It is Great gift idea.

Coins – red and yellow


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