Pineapple Shape Soap Dish 2Pcs
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Pineapple Shape Soap Dish 2Pcs


  • The soap box is the perfect choice for you. It is durable and portable. You can easily put the case in your bag when traveling, working, camping or going to the gym.
  • The shower box dish is suitable for storing soap and sponge, and it is easy to move without leaving traces.
  • The non-slip curved concave surface design of the soap box prevents your soap from slipping off the soap holder when placed after use.
  • Suitable for bathrooms in homes, villas, hotels, shopping malls, etc.
  • The interior of the slotted layer ensures that the soap stays dry after use, which will prolong the life of your luxurious soap. It is sturdy and easy to clean and dry. The container itself is also stylish with a leak-proof design that can be locked. The tight lid prevents any possible leaks of wet soap. Prevents accidental opening of the case


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