RGB LED Car Foot Light
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RGB LED Car Foot Light


Enhance the look of your car! These LED strips add an aesthetic look to your cars interior while keeping your car tidy. It has many modes including flashing, strobe and other combinations, the LED lights can also change color according to the rhythm of the music with the use of the built in Microphone. These will definitely attract people’s attention.

 Compact & Durable – Fully enclosed light strips with silicone-sealed ends. These are durable and have a long lifespan.
 High Intensity LEDs – Our RGB LEDs offer a brighter output with vibrant colors in comparison to the ones available in the market.
 Safe & Waterproof – These are waterproof and have a low power consumption.
 Easy to Set Up –  The on/off button of these LED Strips can be plugged into car cigarette lighter. They can then be controlled wirelessly with the remote or the application with Bluetooth connection.


Question: How to install this product on my car? Do I need to go to the workshop?
Answer: No, the back of the strip light is equipped with a strong adhesive which can be used to simply paste them into position. The on/off button of these LED Strips can be plugged into car cigarette lighter.

Question: Will it fit on my car?
Answer: This product fits most kinds of cars.

Question: Will these get hot when I drive for a long time?
Answer: No, these are fully enclosed light strips with silicone-sealed ends and generate very less heat, they can be touched and are safe for children .

Question: Can they be set to one color?
Answer: Yes, these can be set one color.

Question: How does it hear the music or the voice?
Answer: When it is set to the music sync mode it uses the built-in high-sensitivity mic to hear the sound.

Question: Can I install them directly without the lighter switch?
Answer: Yes, but for this installation we recommend going to a professional.


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