Sink Unblock And Drain Cleaning Plunger
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Sink Unblock And Drain Cleaning Plunger



Product Description

Small Mini Plunger for Easy Storage

Ergonomic Shape Handle to Fit in the Palm of Your Hand for Easy Plunging

Large Base to Fit Over Drain Holes

Yes, it actually works: What makes this different to a traditional plunger is that you are pushing water at the blockage, not just air, the benefit of this is that you don’t need to form a seal.

Easy to clean and store: When you’ve finished your dirty work, add a little bleach to your toilet, then plunge the clean water for a few seconds, the force of the plunger is enough to clear any residue, and easy to store.

Heavy duty: This plunger has a much greater force (8x) than any cup plunger ever produced.

Large-volume bellows-design for extra strong suction, More effective than traditional force cups, contoured handle for extra grip.

Pro tip: If you’re clearing a sink or a bath where there is an overflow, block this with a damp cloth before you start to plunge, This stops the air from escaping and makes the process even quicker and easier.


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